Saturday, 24 May 2008


On 26th May 14 boys and 3 girls will be starting a new life of education and hope.They will begin school feeling smart in school uniform, with books, pencils, shoes, school bags and 2 meals a day paid for.This relieves the pressure of the family to provide food for the child.

Those children who were on the streets have been found guardians and 2 who had no family will be boarding at school. 1 younger boy will begin nursery and 2 older boys are a few weeks into their 3 year mechanics course, they will also be taught to drive, and one had his first trial at the wheel last week.They are very proud in their overalls and strong boots and carrying their tool box full of all the tools required to fulfil their dream. One of them who had spent some years as a child soldier, managed to escape and lived in very poor and sad conditions told us ''One day I may be able to get married because I can now work.'' This hope, due to the generosity of his sponsors. His uncle has been traced and is now providing him rent for a small hut and some food.

One orphan of 20 years was in a desperate state after the death of his father in February. He was left to support his father's 2 old wives and 13 other orphans. He told me the children ere getting thin and crying with hunger at night. Some responsibility for a 20 year old.£100 from a sponsor has paid for a very large plot of land, seed, beans, and tools. He now has a field full of food for his family. There are 2 growing seasons a year so he will be able to feed everyone and have some surplass to sell at the market. The sponsor has agreed to support the family further.

3 boys have been returned to their village with support for the families and funds for school.They will be monitored and supported with money from the general funds. One of those boys had been lost from one of the large displacement camps over 6 years ago and had been living on the street, his family believing he had been abducted and died. As they went back to their village they had a memorial service for him. One of our staff, Isaac took him back to his village but he could not remember where his home was. While they talked he spotted his mother in the market. Imagine the joy and tears. So many of these children are in similar positions and I could tell you many stories that would touch you heart.