Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Our branding/logo is coming along well and stationary and promotional materials are being prepared. We are, of course, looking for sponsorship for the printing. Once this is done the website, again, being set up by a great volunteer, Lois, will be developed further than its current holding page.
Charity status is being sought and that will make a huge difference to where we get funding and gift aid will enable us to claim gift aid at 28%.

Currently we are doing car boot sales, One hundred clubs, raffles, competitions, e bay sales, the race night raised almost £600 and as I type I am planning my tasks for tomorrows BBQ in Goldington.

Dust down your ball gowns ladies as one of our next events is a Ball followed by a Murder Mystery Night and a riverside walk in February. More details later.

Our activities in Uganda have developed so much we have had to move premises to rent a 3 bedroom property with a large living area, office, kitchen and store. The compound allows us to grow food and even have 2 goats for the children to care for. (Charlie and Georgia are due to arrive soon). More children are now living on the premises instead of the streets and a member of staff moves in shortly.

That raises the issue of funding for equipment in the house such as fridge, oven, beds, curtains etc.

We have employed a counsellor for 1 day a week to support the children and the staff, as requirements on them grow, and as more children come for our help.
I can now say I am the proud owner of a plot of land 100ft x 70 ft in Lira and we have half of the £6,000 needed to start building our own property.

The first 2 volunteers will be joining me in Lira on 19 September, we have some social workers and teachers coming out at Easter and many other enquiries. We are so thrilled about that.

Some teachers have offered to do some virtual teaching via web cams and I plan to set that up while I am there in September. Does anyone have a spare web cam?

A Bedford karate group has agreed to hold an event in September to raise the money for a motor cycle to enable staff to travel to the bush and visit the children we have taken home to the villages and to get around quicker than bicycles and feet can carry them locally. A friend is getting married and asking her guests to buy a gift for One step at a Time instead of for her and her husband to be.

For those of you who donated spectacles, you will be pleased to know that many people visited us for these spectacles and the local council is delighted with the way we are supporting the wider community too. Their comments are that they have never seen such dedicated work and so many outcomes in such a short space of time by an NGO.

Following the recent press release several people have offered their help in a variety of ways and many people are setting up monthly standing orders to support the work we are doing. I could list another page showing the generosity and kindness of many, many people.