Thursday, 15 April 2010


Yesterday I travelled 70 miles on the motor bike to visit a child and we crossed a lake on a boat. The owner was bailing out water with a Gerry can for most of the journey and as I sat in a compartment with goats, chickens, bicycles and the motor bike I was smiling to myself just thinking of health and safety issues.

I had to be barefoot and trousers rolled up as we travelled as the water was so deep inside the boat.However, it was compensated as we stopped in a lakeside local hostelary where a single woman was cooking Nile Perch caught from the lake 20 feet away. I always pray for a strong stomach as I eat and all was well.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Our goats are doing well and as we arrived we met the 2 new additions to our herd. Two day old babies one male and one female. They are adorable and so frisky. We haven’t named them yet so any ideas are welcome.

The big Billy goat went missing from where they were tied in grass to graze and he was held hostage by a woman who caught him eating her crops. She demanded 5,000 shillings ransom money which we had to pay as she was charging double if we left him overnight. He was clearly feeling it was the season for him as he disappeared again the next day and despite night and day searches he is still at large. Soon we will be having to offer a reward for information leading to his return.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


The beginning of the week saw a call from Lilly who you know that we found in the street begging and we returned her to her village.

Lilly was sick following her attempt to get her ARV medication from the local health centre to maintain her health with AIDS. She and many other patients had been sent away as they could not pay £3 for registration. We felt it was a corruption charge and today met someone else in the same position who was told ‘’Bring a big cockerel or 5,000 shillings or go away and don’t come back’’.

We are trying to get more details and will contact the US donor who is giving the free medication in this country.

Lilly had her hut that was funded by 2 very generous donations last time I was here and she sends her thanks again to those people.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


I came here after redundancy from work and several weeks sick, planning to take a rest but it’s just not possible, around every corner is a family or individual who touches you. However, I am not working now so I am having to deal with things differently but it is difficult to turn your back.

Tomorrow Wendy, a trustee, who has been here is returning home so I am travelling to Entebbe with her and we are taking some time to travel around.

We are planning to stay on an island in Lake Victoria overnight, visit the source of the Nile, the falls and the equator. Its my way of taking a rest, and I will stay on there after she has gone to spend some time with a friend living there.

It is the rainy season and we have had proof of that as I was caught in a terrible storm with Isaac on the motor bike. It seems to be a habit for us to return home soaked to the skin.

At least the rains are supporting the digging and planting of these rural people and we have even planted maize and vegetables in our garden.