Saturday, 9 May 2009


When I first met Solomon he was the head boy of one of the local schools and was being sponsored through another organisation. He was achieving academically even though he had very little as the son of an old mother who was unable to support him. He came to help us when we first started working on the field with the street children as he was so grateful that but for the support of his sponsor he too could have been like them.

Sadly the sponsor pulled out and the shock to Solomon put him into a very bad place. He became ill and last time I was there we had to take him to the clinic for treatment. He moved in with his brother who is a poor bicycle taxi rider (boda boda). Solomon sold rubbish to try to get some money to pay his own school fees but his brother stole the little he had. It was heartbreaking to see his pain and One Step at a Time had to do something for him.

Thankfully, someone was touched by his condition and agreed to sponsor him. Last week my staff found him looking very vulnerable and gave him the good news. I was told that his whole body changed as he jumped in the air shouting how much he loves everybody and One Step at a Time. He then started singing ''I'm going to school tomorrow'' as he ran off to prepare himself.
True to his word he was there bright and early to start his new life with hope. Moses called me to say ''That is another life changed by One Step at a Time'' I am so proud to be able to be involved in these life changes and am eternally grateful to you all for your continued support.