Tuesday, 11 October 2016

OSSAT Uganda Visit Day 3!

I have had a very serious few days engulfed with some amazing nature. In the night we were treated to the most powerful thunderstorm and rain like people here have not seen for 5 years. Bearing in mind I am surrounded by water in the "island room " the noise and light show was amazing.    However in the morning I opened my eyes to a monkey on my verandah balustrade and gushing water. There was serious flooding. Empty trenches were gurgling as the water rushed through at high speed. With the sun rising it soon dried up and although it is still moving it is finding its own level. The afternoon brought a session of swimming in the pool supported by Some sunbathing. I've not left the hotel since I came here and decided tonight I need to make a journey and it was to part of lake Victoria where Blackwing turns gather. Some have come from UK and there were tens and tens of thousands of small white creatures joining the throng from every direction and not one collision.   They have the best sat nav system.       

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