Monday, 17 October 2016

OSSAT Uganda Visit - First Week

This week has descended into an absolute blur of early-morning visitors late night visitors and busy during the day. On Saturday morning people knocking the gate at 7:30 and Ronald answered and set up a new role. He came to me and said mum  I'm telling everyone that the office gate Will not open until 11 o'clock at the weekends. Mum you have to have some rest. How lovely to be looked after.

This time I bought a car my health doesn't allow me to sit for hours on the motorbike doing long journeys on bumpy roads. It's been wonderful and is given me a sense of freedom too. The problem is night time driving he is so dangerous. Coming back from a wedding on Saturday evening people were everywhere cars parked with no lights in the middle of the main roads. So decision has been made to not do you any more night time driving.

I have seen a real decline in the ordinary folks lifestyle here. For those who have businesses there are no customers as no one has any money. The level of youth and young people unemployment is astronomical. Even when youngsters qualify invocational training or a degree there is no work for them. We have people with degrees coming to ask if they can just clean or do you some weeding or something just to earn some money. My original question for coming here was held to people live with nothing and I think now I really have the answer. Sadly are struggling life of poverty changes people. Many are struggling so hard to survive that they don't have time for anyone else except their own survival.

Yesterday I was helping one of our boys to sort out his school fees had been sent away from school by the deputy head saying don't come back until you have a nil balance and nothing owing. As we tried to establish what was arranged just hung up the phone on him. Today he begins his O-levels a really crucial time for those of us who can remember that. And that's the kind of support that teachers here will give the children. Luckily I was here and could give him everything he needed but that's not the case for many of these children. Yesterday was visited by six of our very first children that we sponsored Latigo Daniel Ronald Dennis Aaron. We sat around our dining table where the world is seriously put to rights we discussed what is love, how could we help other people around us even though we have our own problems, what is it that would change this country, and then we moved on to more practical things of let's build a barbecue. So today Ronald and Joffrey are mixing cement digging the trench is to put the walls of the barbecue and we are looking forward to putting in action very soon. Visited by seven-year-old girl and when I asked where was mum mum had gone to the village to buy charcoal for her business and the girl had been alone for four days at home. She had washed her own uniform should take on a self to school based herself only her mother had paid for food at a local hotel and had advised us that she was going. So she came for lunch with me and if her mother is not home this evening she will come to stay in the office. That's uganda.

I had the pleasure this Saturday are going to our chairman of the council's wedding. It was a traditional marriage where everything was conducted in the local language. Six hours of listening to a foreign language but the boredom was broken with some dancing and followed by local feast. I was seem to manage to get invited to a wedding when I'm here. Today is about getting myself organised. I didn't bring shampoo so I'm using hand soap for washing my hair my camera memory is now full my phone memory is full my iCloud is now full and for those who know me you are aware that I have no clue about any of those things so I am trying every tactic to avoid having to do those things. Hey ho I think I will go and prepare the jack fruit or shall I just make a cuppa?

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